All cars must comply with the following specifications at the commencement of and during each event.
Cars shall have a maximum overall width of 83mm.
Cars shall have a maximum height of 40mm measured from the track
No part of the car except, braids, tyres and skids shall touch the track when
Bodies shall be painted or otherwise finished in a presentable manner, with
transparent windscreen where applicable.
Bodies shall have cut out or clear wheel arches which at least correspond in
position and size with the wheels on the chassis, not applicable if a wheel
decal or painted wheel fascimlie is used (ref para Front wheel decals or a reasonable hand drawn/painted facsimile +/- 16 mm
in diameter may be applied instead of chassis mounted front wheels. These
must correspond to the position of the front wheels as provided on the body
Bodies shall have, in the appropriate position, a presentably painted 3
dimensional driver consisting of the head, shoulders, hands and the upper
half of a steering wheel. A flat one dimension decal or a flat hand
drawn/painted fascimile depicting a seated driver and steering wheel will
also be accepted.
Bodies shall clearly display two racing numbers, with a minimum height of
6mm, numbers will be issued based on the results of the Open Class
division from the previous season. The Drivers grade must be clearly
indicated grade A, B or J at least 6mm in height and placed next to the
racing number.
Chassis applicable for this class must be homologated as per 2.4. The
chassis currently homologated for GT12 are:
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B Slotcar Products BSP01 BSP04 BSP06 BSP10 BSP14
DVR 2008-001 2008-002 2009-

Lotz LZ 09/01
Mack Bulldog 3 SPEED 12

Mossetti Racing 200 200A 201A 2007
Red Fox RF GT-12 RF GT –

Chassis must be available in kit form or assembled RTR form and must
retail for less than R1,500.00 when assembled.
The above chassis may be modified, provided that original chassis parts
have been used.
Opitional refer; Chassis shall have a minimum of two front wheels
with a minimum diameter of 12mm. Front wheels do not have to touch but
must be vertical +/- 10 degrees.
Chassis shall not project from the body, or be visible when viewed from
Rear axle ball bearings are allowed.
The guide shall be made from a plastic, nylon, or other non-metallic
The guide shall present a smooth surface to the slot and have no sharp
edges, which could damage the track surface.
The guide pivot mounting shall be fixed and centred on the chassis when
viewed from the front.
The guide shall have a maximum length of 28mm and may penetrate the
slot by no more than 6.35mm.
The guide shall be fully enclosed by the body used.
Driving wheels shall be fitted with tyres made from sponge rubber.
Optional; if fitted non-driving wheels shall be made from rubber or similar
material and must be visible from the side.
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Airdams and Spoilers
No additional aerodynamic devices may be fitted.
Only Group 12 “C” Can and Euro Mini-Can based motors are allowed.
Only tagged group 12 armatures are allowed. Such armatures may have
drill blank shafts.
A can end and endbell ball bearing may be fitted.
Motors may be shortened.