2021 SAMCA 55th Anniversary Slot Car Racing Grand Prix

Port Elizabeth Model Racing Car Club (PEMRCC) hosted the South African Model Car Association’s 55th Anniversary Slot Car Racing Grand Prix, from 7th to 9th October 2021.

The very first SAMCA sanctioned Grand Prix was hosted by the Aberaz Slot Racing Club in Port Elizabeth in 1966. SAMCA National Slot Car Racing Grands Prix have been held every year since.

Two classes were raced, 1/24 Production, using JK or Mossetti chassis, S16D motors and touring car or GT3 bodies; and GT12, using Mack, Red Fox or Mossetti spring steel chassis, Group 12 motors and silhouette sports car bodies. Drivers are graded in three classes, depending on experience and ability, namely Pro, Expert and Amateur. There is also a Junior Driver’s Championship.

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